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3D printable 8x8 chassis

The 8x8 RC truck chassis was the very first project. It was created for the purpose of expedition riding. It is easy to assemble and maintain. Most of the parts are created by 3D printing. Other parts can be bought cheaply. The first body that the chassis carries is the Tatra 813 on a 1/12 scale.

chassis G813.jpg

Tatra 813

The first body was very popular Tatra 813. First in 1/12 scale and then 1/10 on a new chassis.

Tatra 813 Trial

A version of the Tatra 813 Trial 1/12 was created for more fun in rough riding. It is built on a modified 8x8 chassis, where the main change is the engine mounted at the rear for better weight distribution.

bez textu.jpg
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